AYSO 595

AYSO 595

Rules and Policies


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By entering this kids zone,

you agree to the following:

  • Kids are #1
  • Fun – not winning -  is everything
  • Fans only cheer, and only coaches coach
  • No yelling in anger
  • No swearing
  • No smoking
  • Leave no trash behind
  • Set a proper example for our children

If you can agree to the above, we welcome you.


AYSO – it’s for the kids!

Rules & Code of Conduct

General Rules

  • No smoking on or near any fields.
  • No dogs allowed on or near any fields.
  • No bicycles allowed on any fields.
  • Profanity is not accepted.


Code of Conduct for All Parents

As a parent, you play a special role in contributing to the needs and development of youngsters. Through your encouragement and good example, you can help assure that all the boys and girls learn good sportsmanship and self-discipline.  Young people learn to work together, to sacrifice for the good of the team, to enjoy winning and deal appropriately with defeat - all while becoming physically fit and healthy. Best of all, they have fun.


Supporting your child by giving encouragement and showing interest in their team is very important. Help your child work toward skill improvement and good sportsmanship in every game. Teach your child that hard work and an honest effort are often more important than victory - that way your child will always be a winner despite the outcome of the game!


Parents serve as role models for their children. Become aware of this and work to be a positive role model. Applaud good plays by your child's team as well as good plays by the opposing team. Support all efforts to remove verbal and physical abuse from youth sports activities.


Remember that your child is the one playing soccer, not you. It's very important to let children establish their own goals - to play the game for themselves. Take care not to impose your own standards and goals on them. Don't put too heavy a burden on your child to win games. Surveys reveal that 72% of children would rather play for a losing team than ride the bench for a winning team. Children play for the fun of playing.


Positive reinforcement is the best way to help your child achieve their goals and their natural fear of failure. Nobody likes to make mistakes. If your child does make one, remember it's all part of learning, so encourage your child's efforts and point out the good things your child accomplished.


Coaches and referees are usually parents just like you. They volunteer their time to help make your child's youth soccer experience a positive one. They need your support too. That means refraining from coaching or refereeing from the sidelines. As a volunteer organization, there's usually always an opportunity for you to take your interest in coaching or refereeing to the next level and become one yourself!


A referee's rulings are the final word, and may not be reversed after the game. Arguing a referee's decision will not be tolerated. Nevertheless, at half time and after a game, a polite, non-aggressive approach to a referee to discuss an incident will generally be allowed.

Laws of the Game

Goodness, it is impossible to cover this briefly. This page is meant to serve as a resource and guide. It is our hope that coaches and referees could be on the same page and same level of understanding on the pitch. This is near to impossible. It is also our hope that parents could have a high level of understanding of the laws as well. Same scenario. Nevertheless, this is a good place to come to get a handle on part of the laws and the spirit of the laws.

FIFA Laws of the Game

Divisional Rules

U5 & U6 play 3 on 3 – with no goal keeper  - 30 minutes of drills and 30 minute game with a size 3 ballImage

U7 & U8 play 5 on 5 – with no goal keeper  - 40 minute game with a size 3 ball

U10 plays 7 on 7 (one of which is the goal keeper)  - 50 minute game with a size 4 ball

U12 & U13 play 9 on 9 (one of which is the goal keeper) – 60 minute game with a size 4 ball.

U14 and up plays 11 on 11 (one of which is the goal keeper)  – 90 minute game with a size 5 ball

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